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With Love

Anthology of creative talent.

With Love ~ A Disaster Relief Anthology

There is a small, but growing, group of independent authors forming connections through the wonderful world of the internet. A short while ago, when the news and images of the Japanese earthquake found its way into our homes, we watched bodies being recovered. We watched homes being swept away. Some of us shed tears, some were stunned, but we all wanted to do *something*, anything, something…. We wanted to reach out, to help.

But we’re not wealthy, we’re not trained in search, rescue or other emergency services. We have families and jobs that we can’t just leave…

But we can write.

We are a group of talented writers and some of us have donated our words, some have donated time, some have donated editing skills, and we are pulling together an ebook of our work. While doing this we realised that although Japan was the trigger and the inspiration, we wanted to establish an ongoing project to aid disaster relief and aid across the globe – so proceeds from sales of this project will be offered to Medecins Sans Frontieres, (Doctors without borders) to support the work they do.

“With Love” is an anthology of an eclectic mix of short stories and will be released through Amazon Kindle and through Smashwords in all ebook formats, by March 25th.

After that, who knows… There are murmurings about a second volume and then possibly more.

Who are we?


Customer Review on Amazon:

This review is from: With Love (Kindle Edition)

Every so often a book is published for a ‘good cause’ and we are expected to buy it for that reason alone. Most often there is no other valid reason. This isn’t one of those; it’s a valuable introduction to the work of a group of people from the growing community of independent writers. Seventeen are showcased here, and every one of them is worthy of further investigation. The proceeds of sale are going to Medecin sans frontieres. That might make you feel good about buying this book, but trust me its content will make you feel even better.

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