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This is the home for all of the Xarrokian Books. Inside the pages below are chapters and other excerpts already created. While the books are still in development, the pages here are posted as samples from the Work In Progress (WIP). As the books are released later this year, the WIP tag will be removed from the beginning chapter or title listed.

Thank you for taking the time to review the stories and watch each one come to life.


Forged through pain and built by the blood of it’s people Xarrok will find peace. Battles wain and the generation will be lost to history. When the blood spilled is forgotten, turmoil will once again change life upon the planet.

It was founded by two dynamic personalities and developed through the centuries to become an undeniable power house among the worlds around them. Xarrok stands as a testament of strength through allies, peace through force and a foundation built on love.

These are the stories from it’s foundation forward.


Great Wars Era

The universe has been at war for centuries. Ven are fighting for the subjugation every known and unknown race in the universe. Cybernetics are fighting for their own survival, even if it is at the expense of other species.  The Xenonian and Dentonian people just fight to make it through to the next generation without losing who they are. Xentue just want to fight. No one fights the Goshens, none of then other races want the Goshens in the war and the Goshens are happy to keep it that way. Then with a twist of Ven experimentation, Xarrok appears among the major races. They are founded upon the ideals of peace at all cost, and for a time, try to stay out of the great war.


Birth of an Empire

the whole story (WIP)

This is a universe in constant turmoil. The major species in this universe have been at war for centuries. Their lives have become driven and motivated by the war and everything around it. Peaceful relations are limited and require strict enforcement. Traditions adhered to are rapidly being challenged and in the worst way possible. Things will change and a new empire will be born. One that will bring an end to the pain its people go through. One that will stand for peace at any cost.

Birth of an Empire (Part 1)

Two warring fleet commanders square off against each other. Each side holding a lost desire. Neither commander will back down. One takes them both on a walk through history in hope he won’t have to take her life.

Birth of an Empire (Part 2)

Will their world survive the war? Will the new planet and its colony make it through untouched? Only time will unravel the fate of the newly formed Xarrok and the people who have chosen to leave the war.

It Ends

Out of pain comes strength. From that strength comes focus and intensity and a single goal: End The Great War.

The Disappearance

Her status as most trusted and founding family leader bring her many things, but not her heart’s desire. Restlessly, she accepts a personal mission from her greatest emotional rival, the Sontair. She encounters more than anyone could have ever expected. Her triumphant return takes Xarrok by surprise, 400 years later.


The Era of Peace

There are 400 years between the Birth of Xarrok and the stories that come within the peace era. Much has happened and the people have long forgotten the sacrifices that created the planet. Although lives have changed and needs are met, things are now happening in the universe around them. Things this generation never expected. Will the generations raised in peace and security be able to alter complacent attitudes and prepare for what is coming?




Much has happened in the last 400 years. Technology has improved. Interstellar travel has become much smoother. The planet has had a near utopic peace under the family of Jae and the founding families. The hearts of the people have become complacent and there are penalties for doing so.


A Captain appointed in secret and a crew without knowledge of the mission lead those involved into the unknown. Facing an enemy they once thought an ally, they must survive long enough to complete their mission and take their place in history.


She is the embodiment of everything the Ven have ever sought to achieve. She is not Ven, but they know all about her and have been waiting for her to arrive. She must learn about herself, her uniquely natural abilities and interact with the history of an empire her people have just become part of. All of this and while avoiding capture by the greatest constant foe the universe has known.

The Return

Anara finds herself on the other side of her mission in Goshen space. She knows she must complete the task she began but first she must get back to Xarrok. Only after delivering a message sent 400 years before do the Goshen temporal authorities enable her to find a way home. The trip leads the Xarrokian founder to learn of the single greatest threat to the empire. As she moves to protect her people, she finds the peace she was never able to achieve in her time.


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