Author, Single Mother, Passionate creator

Catrina Taylor

My name is Catrina Taylor. I’m a freelance writer turned novelist. I’ve been a web based freelance writer for the last five years. Each year I’ve better educated myself on marketing, Search Engine Optimization and other important aspects of the trade. I’m hoping to apply those lessons to a casino live whole new world and new adventure, publishing my books.

I love the creation process and find it to be one of the most liberating and passionate parts of my life. My greatest joy is that I’m a mom of two amazing children and the creator of Xarrok, and the many lives that grow upon this world.

Xarrok is a planet in a universe not identical to our own. It is founded by two dynamic personalities and develops through centuries to become an undeniable power house among the worlds around them.

There is so much more that can be said about Xarrok but I don’t know where to begin. As I determine what is best to reveal here, I will happily do so.

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