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With careful consideration, and incredible talent the book Diners at the Memory’s End was born. Take a moment to read the story behind the creation by the talented Raymond Frazee, who is the guest of the Xarrokian broadcast today.


Why My Story Sees the Light of Day


Diners at the Memory’s End.  Strange title, strange story.  Well, not to me.  For me, it’s been something that’s stuck with me for quite some time . . .

I’ve blogged about this before, but Diners is part of a group of stories I decided to build around two characters.  The novel in which those characters appear, Transporting, was started about twenty years ago, and was finally finished earlier this year.  It’s a huge story—about 300,000 words—and will eventually be split up as a trilogy.

To be honest it’s my pride and joy.

But, now, Diners . . .

From 1989 to 1992 I worked for a rather large company in downtown Chicago.  Most of the people in the IT department, where I labored, were—to put it bluntly—cretins.  Really stupid, really shallow, or a little of both—take your pick, I was around them for nine hours out of every work day.

There were, however, a few good people—namely three women who worked in the same department.  One was the IT Director’s secretary; one was a fellow software developer; and the third was a technical writer.  The four of use hung together for while, going to lunch and even shopping now and then when we thought we could get the time off.

At one point I was telling them about how I was writing a novel, and there was the eyeweardock, “Oh, that’s very nice,” comments that often come when one makes such revelations.  I don’t know how we got on the subject, but it was decided that I would write a new story, then print it out and give a copy to each of the women so they could read, and perhaps, enjoy.

Sometime in 1990 the first draft of Diners was written.  The women saw it, they loved it, they encouraged me to keep writing.

I didn’t.  But that’s another story.

Cue 2012.  I was finishing edits on one novel, Her Demonic Majesty, and was wondering what was coming next.  I had no real feel for my next story, no pull in the right direction.  I was just sort of hanging out, and wondering, “Hum . . . is this writer’s block?”  No, because I wasn’t writing anything.

I just didn’t know what to do next.

Then it hit me:  I’d always talked about rewriting Diners, and since I was in a bit of a groove with those characters—hey, why not?  Lay it out and write it down.

It seemed like a good idea.  So here I am, about seven weeks later, making my way—slowly—through the story.  I’m over the hump, only 15,000 or so words from making it a novel, and I’m finally feeling as if I’m creating something lasting here.  Not just in this story, but for the characters within.  It’s more continuity from the novel.  It builds upon their personalities.  And it fleshes out the world in which they live.

It’s a good thing.

And I’m very glad I’m writing it, because no one else could.

Author Bio


A native of Northwest Indiana, Raymond Frazee has been writing from a very early age, but has only recently seen success.  His first work, Kuntilanak, is a horror story self published on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, in September, 2011.  His second story, Captivate and Control, is a story of mild erotica/BDSM, published on 6 May, 2012, by Naughty Nights Press, and also found on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.  He current has two novels being reviewed for publication:  one he calls “A modern steampunkish fantasy,” and the other he describes as “full of erotic horror”.


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