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Today we are talking with Fleet Commander Kala of Xenonia, from Birth of an Empire. While most of the people around her have a house name to append to the end of their given name, Kala does not and we’ll explore why in our five in five today.  Once the five for five is over, we’ll allow readers to submit questions for Kala that will be featured when she visits with her next interviewer.

Now, onto the first five questions for this interesting young woman.


Kala, to make things clear to our readers, why are you simply Kala or Kala of your planet?

*Kala* On Xenonia, slaves do not have a house name until they are free of the debt they agreed to work off. For me, it is a debt my mother obligated us to, and thus I was born without a house name.


That Yatrell character is a tricky sort. He takes you both on a walk down memory lane. Did he need to do that?

*Kala* No, not at all. He was surprised I was still alive, so he felt the need to remind me that we knew each other. I’m not entirely sure why he thought I’d forget the man I loved that left me for dead.


Who’s your best friend?

*Kala* My best friend? Oh… I’ve got several people that are close to me now, but if I can only pick one, hum… I guess that would be Henessa. I’m so happy that she and Merx are finally where they want to be.


Your adventure into the military isn’t one you would have selected. Now that you’re here, what would you change?

*Kala* I’m needed here. There are and have been too many people in command being reckless and hard on their subordinates. The choices are causing far too many lives to be lost. Then again, any life lost is too many.


What do you have on your record worthy of concern?

*Kala* Well, I guess that would be mutiny of the fleet. Organizing every psionic mind in the fleet at once was no small feat but had I not done it, there is no telling how many lives would have been lost. It’s not my proudest moment but I’m also not ashamed of what I did. I hate what death feels like around me.


Thank you, Kala, for taking time out of your hectic schedule to answer a five in five interview. I’m looking forward to learning more about you from our readers.

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