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Officially the book is available for sale through all of the major retailers and few of the smaller ones. A scavenger hunt has been launched across many blogs today. This hunt is designed to give you a free book.


As it goes, many incredible and talented people have shown considerable love for the World of Xarrok. As such, I’ve posted most of the first two chapters and one other excerpt across the web  today. Below, I’m asking 5 questions about your general knowledge gleaned from those interviews and I’ll ask you 2 bonus questions that will dive into deeper details. After the questions, I’ll be sure to link the sites with the answers, in case you didn’t start there.

Please respond in the comments. the easiest way will be to copy and paste the question you’re answering before your question or reference the question you’re answering.  I’ll follow up with the top three responses.

General Knowledge –

Question1 – What are the names of the two Main Characters?

Question 2 – What is the name of the book?

Question 3 – How many characters are followed through this book?

Question 4 – When the main character first meet in the book, beside her psionic ability, what is she?

Question 5 – Can you name two of the ships?


Detailed Questions

Make sure you read the excerpts for these, not the interviews.


1 What is his take on love?

2 How did she end up in the military?


Now, go to these pages, find the answers and I look forward to giving away 3 books!

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