Mar 272011

The Winds of Change storm through….

The young man was looking out of the viewport of his starship when someone approached him, and told him there was a communication channel open and waiting for him. He turned and thanked the messenger before he began the walk down the corridor to his quarters. He entered the room and crossed directly to his desk to open his computer screen. When he did the smiling face of a young woman appeared. “How are you little sister?” He smiled largely because it had been weeks since their last conversation.

“I’m fine, Carth. I have wonderful news.” Her smile got even bigger. “Parin has reached the next level of enthronement. He is doing very well, and will be ready to meet you on board soon.”

“That is good news, Anazlyn. I’m very happy to hear he’s doing so well. It’s too bad you can’t also join him.” Carth’s large green eyes looked over his sister’s features, hoping to see some positive change, but he didn’t get what he had hoped for.

Her eyes dropped and became sad, “Dad’s condition is not any better. Someone will still have to rule in his place until something can be done.”

“I understand, all too well.” He smiled softly as the memory of their mother’s loss roared through his mind. “You do a fantastic job.” He paused when he heard a loud noise, and then he looked to his side where a streak of light moved rapidly past his window. “One moment Anazlyn” he stood and walked off to determine what was happening. The alarm rang to red alert.

She watched patiently on the other side of the comm. link, listening to the commotion as it became louder.

Carth gave orders over the internal comm. system, and moved to leave the room, but was forced back in by an armed man. The ship whirled with activity, sounds and lights rang out across the channel clearly. Many of them new to her, but some began to worry her. Then suddenly a loud noise, an altercation and she noticed Carth go down. The armed man walked out with a smug look. Was he dead? Was he injured? She watched the screen but saw nothing more from her brother. In her heart, she fought to believe differently, but she knew he was gone and she watched it happen. As she stared into the active screen, not sure how to find out what was going on, she grew more anxious.

Her communication link suddenly lost, her screen went to black. She screamed for her Sarket to get the connection back. After what felt like forever, he responded to her, “Sonteria, it is not possible to establish a connection with a ship that is no longer there.” His words hit her hard. She fell back into her chair, silent and stunned.

After taking several deep and deliberate breaths she asked what happened. The Sarket was unable to answer her. He reached to comfort her, but she dismissively shook him away, and her mind began to churn. In that moment she promised that she would shed no tears until she had answers. With great effort she focused her mind and pushed away the thoughts that would have drowned her in sorrow and pain.


The skies grew dark and the winds whipped around, pulling trees from their roots and pushing buildings aside like toys. People ran from their homes in terror. Many hoped to find shelter in the palace. Struggling to let people in by volumes, the heavy and weakening iron gate creaked and heaved at the pressure and force. Finally, it fell from the hinges into the sea of people, struggling to get to safety. Most never make it through the gate. For those who did, safety was found and the storm passed.

When the survivors emerged from what was left of the southern providential palace, frightened by what had happened, what they saw only served to upset them further. Astonishment was clear on every face from the very old to the very young.

The beautiful lush grass lands and towering trees, that once lived there, were gone. The homes, farms, buildings and thriving businesses were all gone. Left behind was an empty barren land. No buildings, no rubble, not one tree stood.

As quickly as the storm bore down upon the unsuspecting town, the day cleared and the sky gave way to a lush blue hue. Each person looked from one to the other, trying to figure out what was next. Children clutched to their mothers or fathers, while husbands comforted sobbing wives.  Among the people were members of the local ruling family. One man, standing taller than the rest, strived to console the people and began to establish the needs of the people he served.

Standing apart, a member of the royal household, cloaked and hooded silently watched it all.

Destiny awaits the woman behind the cloak


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