Mar 272011

Lt. Chantra

Operations Officer

I’m a Lieutenant; I’ve served on the Constellation for two years now. Doesn’t sound like long, but considering this was my first post and I was promoted within six months of arrival, it feels like forever. My name is Chantra, I am Korellian. There aren’t many who understand what that means, as I take after my father’s side of the family. Even in a world that does not hold prejudices comfortable in light, there are still many who recall the Korellian war and I am left with that in the wake.

As the operations officer on board it is my duty to review duty roosters and update computer databases, and handle the mush that comes down from above. Believe me there is a lot of it. Recently some of that mush has forced two major changes in the function and structure of this ship. The first is that we have a new captain being assigned. They are being very secretive about who it is, so I don’t trust it is good news for us. The other is that our vessel is one of five that just went through a retrofit for hyper drive. That means we are one of five going into the unknown, and by the way things stand right now, it won’t be long before we get our orders to ship out. I just hope they announce our captain by then.

I begin training tomorrow to learn to set navigation and helm controls, should I ever need to. I was informed all senior officers will be undergoing this with Commander Star. He is a good man, but hard to serve under at times. I hope he recalls our successes together when I sit at his helm panel in the graphics chamber tomorrow. If he should forget, I may end up lost in the muddle as my crew often recalls I do not fly well.

When we leave on this mission, to the unknown, I will be leaving only my parents behind. Recently my sister was transferred aboard, in the kitchen. At least now I know we’ll have a good chef for a change.  Well, I have a duty shift in 30 so I should end this and get into uniform. I hope today is the day we find out who our new captain is, but then I’ve been saying that now for nearly a month, and that month has been an arduous one.  Chain of command without a top doesn’t work smoothly.

End Log


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