You have found the primary communication channel for Xarrok. This page will relay information about the upcoming missions (books), the players and leaders (characters), and the universe around them. For complete details of what is coming visit this page.


To learn about the creator of this planet, you may seek her on this page.

Additional background information has been released. Identify the Cybernetic profile under Intelligence then Species.

This is the completion of the transmission for now. Visit this location often for further details. Many more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For the next sixteen weeks there will be incoming transmissions from the MasterKoda Virtual Blog Tour. Detailed information and research will be contained within.


Forged through pain and built by the blood of its people Xarrok will find peace. Battles wane and the generation will be lost to history. When the blood spilled is forgotten, turmoil will once again change life upon the planet.

It was founded by two dynamic personalities and developed through the centuries to become an undeniable power house among the worlds around them. Xarrok stands as a testament of strength through allies, peace through force and a foundation built on love.

These are the stories from it’s foundation forward.


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